Monday, January 5, 2009


Stephenie Meyer is a freaking GENIUS.

The Twilight saga has to be THE most incredible work of fiction that I've read, EVER. If only it were REAL! Ohh, someday... okay, okay, I might just be caught up in the moment of having just finished the 4th book, but no other books have managed to captivate me more. Okay, so I'm lying--I'm not just caught up in the moment. I've been absolutely obsessed. I mean, I've always been a sucker (hah!) for romance, but romance with vampires? Hot damn! And not just any old vampire romance--there's just so many breathtaking, touching, and compelling aspects that these books have to offer to their reader. I've never been picky or overly critical about literature, and I'm always immediately sold to the idea of forbidden love, so I had no chance, whatsoever, to escape the grasp that I knew these books would hold on me. Despite the (rather numerous) negative critiques about the books being "poorly written," having "stereotypical characters," containing "unbelievable conflict," and so on and so forth, I really could care less. Stephenie Meyer has utterly captivated my imagination, my heart, my soul! However sick or twisted my mind was before beginning this series, there is no helping me now. I think I'm catching a cold from leaving my window open every night...

They'd better come out with the rest of the movies. FAST. Before I have a heart-attack.

Anyway, I have to figure out what I'm supposed to do for the rest of my life now that we've finished the saga. (Yes, WE. Together, pacing ourselves to end this incredibly frustrating, yet surprising, enchanting, beautiful story together, holding back the tears which threatened to spill over the rims of our eyes. Don't think I didn't notice, Kayla! No matter how blurred my own vision became...). Maybe it's time for me to go raid a Barnes&Noble.

Or perhaps get a life. Oh wait, it is my life now. Right, Kayla!? (Hahaha. No, but seriously.) Ughhh. I can NOT wait for Midnight Sun. Stupid leak. And Twilight needs to come out on DVD already! I'm gonna freaking pull all of my hair out waiting! Simply watching streams of the movie online is just not good enough for me.

So, Kayla, game plan for tomorrow: we're going to the mall. To Hot Topic. For our Team Edward t-shirts...and each piece of Twilight merchandise that we can get our hands on! Do you know they sell Twilight perfume!???!? Hahaha. Freaking deee-licious.

Well, I figure I'll get more sleep, not staying up 'til 5 AM reading anymore...for now, that is. :] Sweet dreams! Sweet, sweet dreams...

Ohhh, someday!

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  1. if that's supposed to be their cottage, i imagined it to be bigger than that! hahaha