Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So my Christmas this year was a bit different. I guess that's what happens when the older brother is engaged and wants to get closer to his almost in-laws. Not to mention the military boyfriend is away this winter. And on top of that, my dad had work on christmas. Christmas eve was alright, i had work. Usually the familiy opens presents on midnight, but since everything was different, we didn't open them until it was almost the 26th! on Christmas day, i went to church with my dad and had lunch at home with my granpa. Since I had about 5 hours to get ready to go to Santa Ana to my mom's sister's house, i decided to curl my hair. It's rare for me to curl my hair because im so lazy. so i went camera crazy. I'll 
spare all the photos, but here's one:

So when we came back from Santa Ana, we FINALLY opened our presents! and messed around:
So Hershey didn't have a holiday otufit like Reese did, but that did not stop her from fitting into Reese's Santa suit. hehehe I love Hershey for pulling off an outfit that is 3 times too small! And then came the family pictures after the mayhem of tissue paper and wrap everywhere on the floor:


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