Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is anyone still out there?!

I've been REAL busy with school, work, and orgs on campus. I actually forgot this existed! Shocking, I know. Well, today, Rose and I went on an Ulta spree (Sephora in JC Penny sucks)! I didn't buy a lot at Ulta because I'm waiting to go to the Sephora in my hometown, but I did buy a few things:

John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo for Dry hair and Conditioner for breakage-prone hair
I've tried Brillian Brunette from John Frieda and it made my brown hair more brown. I really need a volumizing shampoo so I thought I'd give this a shot. I just smelled the shampoo and conditioner aaaand IDK.. it smells like a salon hhaha idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Lip stains: Palladio in Pinksy and Cover Girl in #440.

The lips stains have a scent to it. The Cover Girl, which is like a deep red/mauve color, smells like berries and the Palladio, which is the super light pink, smells like a fruity drink. The dark nude color is a lip line i bought, but was too lazy to take a pic of it. It's by Rimmel in Tiramisu.

I'll let you know how they are. I've never had a lip stain so I'm kind of scared. This was short, but oh well. Hope you all are still out there!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not Team Jacob...

But I'm really feelin' this song. Oh Gabe, you genius, you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

No more GUESS

Wow, is this blog dead or what!

It has been soooo long since Kayla or I have updated this poor thing. Can't blame us really, considering how ridiculously busy we've been! Since fall semester started, it's been crazy hectic... work+school kills me! I don't know how you do manage to do it, Kay! Oy. I obviously can't, hahaha. Well I suppose it's do-able, but I'd just rather not have to deal with all of the added stress I was given because of it. Which is why... I QUIT! Spring semester starts in just a few more days... and without having to worry about work, I'll definitely be feeling much more at ease. The experience was good, and the extra money was reaaaal good, especially with holiday pay hahaha. I know I'll be missing that, for sure! Maybe I'll come back next holiday season... maybe.

Anyway, earlier I had gone to pick up my last paycheck at work... and was convinced into using my 40% off employee discount for the last time to buy a few items. I'm really, REALLY bad at resisting the temptation to buy clothes! It's a REALLY bad habit of mine. Even after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic, I'm still as bad as ever hahaha. After every splurge I always think, "I'm never buying clothes for myself ever, ever again!!!" But I know I'm only fooling myself. Maybe I really do need therapy for this! Why do clothes have to be so gosh darn CUTE?? I even convince myself into buying some really weird styles sometimes... which I think was the case for me this time around. It looked attractive to me on the hanger, at least! Well, what can ya do...

I bought 4 things today. Even with my discount, I killed my wallet! $$$$$$$$$$$ X____X

1. Black, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved sweater with embellished jewels/gold detailing
2. Destroyed, white skinny fashion denim jeans, also with embellished jewels/gold detailing (I've been wanting white jeans for a longggg time now, finally got some! But they're starting to remind me of Hannah Montana... maybe that's why I bought them. Haha!)
3. White, spaghetti-strapped, button-down babydoll top
4. Black/gray "newspaper print" leggings (This is my WTF purchase lol. Yet it still attracts me somehow...)

Have a looksie!:

The babydoll probably isn't the best shirt to pair with those leggings, but for the purpose of showing what I got, it's fine. Haha. I kind of want to punch myself in the face for buying more clothes, AGAIN, but I'm pretty satisfied... considering the fact that I can no longer get that discount now. SAD FACE. I'm more happy than sad when I get new things though, so it's fiiineeee. At least that's what I'll continue to tell myself so that I'll feel better about spending so much. Hahaha.

It's kind of a bittersweet feeling, quitting my job. I always dreaded going to work, but I know I'll miss it eventually. It was a good experience for me despite all of the stress, and it was also a good feeling knowing that I could spend the money that I earned on my own. Now I can't splurge as bad anymore T___T

On another note, I can't decide whether I should get my haircut or grow it out. I miss my short bangs and layers, but I've also been wanting to grow my hair long, to stop right at my hips. Ahhh decisions, decisions! I've also gotta re-dye my roots. So much to do! And so much more money to spend when I don't have a job anymore! Darnnnnit! Well, we'll see.

Bangs are much too long...

...and my black roots are annoyingly noticeable!

And I should probably throw out my trash tomorrow morning. Hahaha.

Well that was a much needed update! I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season/vacation! Mine was okay, really quiet, nothing too spectacular, I worked a lot, ate a lot, and it seemed to speed by much too quickly. I really wish I had at least 2 more weeks of vacation. But life hates me hahaha (but really, I think it does). Anyway, with school starting back up again next week (this week actually...), let's just see how long it takes before I can update again. Maybe never! But I'm hoping sometime soon. :)

Thanks for reading! (If anyone still reads this lol!)


Friday, August 21, 2009

Beach Tanning Sesh #2 + Convoy Run

Time for another update! So a few days ago, Kayla and I both had the day off of work and finally had time to spend together. ♥. Hahahaha. She slept over Monday night after she got off from work, and on Tuesday we went to the beaacchh to tan our white stomachs and then headed to convoy afterward to stock up on snacks for school. Well... I needed to get gas first but found out when we got to the gas station that I had forgotten my debit card AND my driver's license (illegal driving!!!!!!!), so we had to head back to my house first to grab those HAHA. Good thing I needed gas! Anyway, aside from a grip of snacks, we also bought ourselves some other goodies while down there... because who knows how long it'll be before we can both find time to make another trip!

Beach pics @ Oceanside:

Lunch/dinner (aka lunner) @ Tofu House (korean food):

My korean bbq hot stone mix rice and Kayla's shrimp boiled tofu w/ brown rice that was actually purple, but delicious haha.

Froyo @ Yogurt World:

Chillin' and eatin' in my prius rofl. Green Tea tart and Pistachio flavors are yummms. But acai never again, right Kayla!? And what were your other ones? Something else fruity but sour... hahah. Hey we still needa get boba sometime AHHH. But froyo hit the spotttt.

Goodies from at Mitsuwa, Morning Glory, and Marukai:

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks from Mitsuwa/Marukai. New pencils/erasers from Morning Glory. And a new tiny Japanese-English dictionary for me...because I fail at Japanese. ;( Ok so, now all we have to do is spend roughly $390 more at Sanseido to get something free! LOL WTF. day. :) I love love love my date days with Kaylachaaan!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not-so-mini haul.

Why, Guess, WHY!? This isn't good... spending so much. :( But at least I didn't have to pay full price for all these goodies! I feel like I've been working like a madwoman, but I have no prior experience to compare to so maybe it's not so bad. Honestly, it isn't so bad working there... I'd say I'm pretty lucky to have been able to snag this job. And I obviously NEED to work now, after this shopping spree... T_T. Haha, alright, I've been lagging a bit with this, so here we go (and don't mind my ridiculous poses and/or facial expressions... I have way too much fun by myself -_-):

1. White V-neck tee with GUESS blingin' across the chest, of course. Haha. Gotta represent, sonnn! The downside to this shirt is that those sequin things which are the makeup of the letters are basically like stickers, so they can (and will probably) end up falling off. But I liked how simple the style of this shirt is, and how it's a V-neck, so I just couldn't resist getting it!
2. Cream colored jersey sweater! I loveeee sweaters with hoodies, and I loveee 3/4 sleeves. :) The thought of a 3/4 sweater sounds a bit silly just because sweaters are supposed to keep you warm, but what about the rest of your arms? However, it sounds about right for the weather here, haha.
3. The bermuda skirt that Kayla also bought! You know what they say, great minds think alike! Rofl. Mine is in a black and white checkered pattern, as you can see. This pattern is so cute, and I love how it's got pockets to store my trinkets in... hehe.
4. Belted shorts in the same checkered pattern as the skirt, but this time in black and gray. Love love love 'em, and the material's so soft and comfy! But, dry clean only. >;(
5. Haha, okay I had to start taking the rest in my full-length mirror so you guys could see my bottoms. But here I have on a red plaid button-down shirt, which I absolutely adore. Lately I've been gravitating toward the color red, which is strange because I never really liked wearing red before. But I like the deeeep red, or darker reds, not the bright red-orange kinds of reds.
I also have on these adorable black leggings that are detailed with gold Guess buttons on the sides. I like these because they're thicker material than the other leggings I own, they stretch out a lot better and are more comfortable to wear, and the gold buttons add a nice little pinch of cuteness. :)
6. Ok, so I've been dying to have a pair of these "boyfriend" cut destroyed/worn/ripped denim jeans for forever! I've tried a pair at American Eagle Outfitters once and they fit so HUGE. They sell two other types of jeans at our store in this style, but they're made for tall tall tallllll tallllllller women. Which I am definitely not at 5'0". Hahaha. So when I found these cropped destroyed denims hiding in the transition section between the YC rooms 1 and 2 (is that how you say it? rofl), I just about died. They looked so cute, I HAD to have them! Aside from the fact that I have to roll them up 3 times and then scrunch them up my thighs so that the rip stays on my knee like it's supposed to, I LOVE these jeans. :))))))) They're a bit baggy and I have to fix/adjust them from time to time, but it's so worth it (especially for the price!). Inspired by some of the outfits I found in my Japanese fashion magazines, I shall wear them with heels. Hopefully my legs look longer that way!
7. So... these jeans are supposed to be cropped, right? Well when I roll them all the way down, they fit me like normal length pants. @__@! Curse my height! But I guess the plus side to this would be that I just found me a nice pair of double-function jeans lol =D. Woo! And I love this teal tee. Because it's a V-neck! And when I was stuck having to fold a heap of them from new shipment, I decided I had to buy one because I thought the design on it was so pretty! (and a lot better looking than some of the other shirts we have haha).
8. Blang blang flip flops! Hahah. I've been wanting some silver sandals for quite some time now, and these were cute, so I figured what the hey! These are size 6's so they're a tad long in the back for me. I usually wear a 5.5, but we don't carry half sizes at our store. :( It's okay though, because my feet are wide as hell, so they fit width-wise. :) AND ALSO! My new beautiful watch :)))). I love this watch, I love the black against the silver! And I know you probably can't tell from the picture but it's got a spec of bling at the top with a G and no numbers. (It's a G by Guess watch, btw.) It's super simple, but I loveeee. And I'm so happy that I now have a watch to look at the time so that I can stop missing my breaks! Hahaha. Seriously though. ;(

And finally...

Red muffler scarf! I've always wanted one of these, too. I'm surprised that Guess even sold them! Ohhh red. We'll see how long my attraction to the color will last...

Alright! So I'm not allowed to go shopping ever again. ESPECIALLY after Kayla's and my trip to Convoy earlier today! T___T Haha one blog update down, one more to go. I'll be backkk! Beach pictures and our "convoy haul" will be up soon. :)

- R0SE