Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's like Twilight all over again!

This is a Rose and Kay collabo of a blog!

So! As usual, we are together on a Saturday night. Eating. As usual, we went to Mitsuwa and bought our Japanese foods! On Tuesday we get to bring in our bento boxes in nihongo class to share (or NOT...), so we went scourging around for some ingredients. Afterwards, we went to the base to watch Seven Pounds starring Will Smith. One word: AWESOME. Seriously though! We can't really describe what it's about because saying anything about it would already give too much away, so you just have to go and watch for yourself!

Watch the TRAILER!

So go watch it now!! :] Greatest movie we've seen in 2009 so far? We think HECK YESSSS.

After the movie we were craving some boba. mmmmmmm! Tapioca Express on Convoy! Rose got a Vanilla Chai Milk Tea with ice cream and Kay got a Thai tea.

On our way home we were thinking of the best movies that made us cry. But then we started thinking about all the things that make us cry, so we compiled a movie/show/song list. Here's our Top 10:

10. Finding Nemo (The love of family...of course you'd cry!)
9. Crash (there's so much going on!)
8. The Prince of Egypt (You will when youuu belieeeeveeee)
7. Windstruck (Crahahaaazy ending!)
6. Because I'm a Girl by Kiss (EYES!)
5. Hana Yori Dango (Cuz Kay had a huge crush on Domyouji! So Rose had to watch it too!)
4. A Walk to Remember (Oh, the things he does for her!)
3. 1 Litre of Tears (Because Rose hella cried watching it in the language lab and got Kayla to watch it, too!)
2. Seven Pounds (AWESOME, hello!)
1. Twilight saga!!!! (DUH! We can't NOT have this as #1 on the list!<3)

Ah, so great! Anyway, right now we're hangin out in Rose's room munchin on some cheezy chex mix. Cuz we're fat like that. And we have nothin better to do with ourselves! ;[ But it is getting pretty late, and in Rose's mom's words: "Go to sleep. Kayla, it's already almost 12 o'clock, just sleep here now. Good niiiiiiiggghht" -__- Ahah.

(Yeah, we went a little picture crazy. :D)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The first week of school.

I don't know whether to panic or not. This is the first semester that I've taken the max of units: 18. Half of my classes don't have exams, a midterm, or a final. My grade is solely based on participation, a few papers, and a presentation or two. I've never had a class like that before. So I have no idea how my grade will be. So this is how upper division is like. I'm not sure whether to embrace it or freak out! I mean, I was never a good test taker, but idk. We'll see. 

So I don't know what to make of this week. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be the easy days and Mondays and Wednesdays will be my long days. Four classes back to back. Yeah, that was real smart of me. Ugh. My first day of classes on Wed. started bad! My first class of that freaked me out! Like I said earlier, not test, no midterm, no final. BUT I have to get in a group and create this pretend thing to raise real money and present it to the class. So the class is pretty much planning that, centered on a reason. For example, raise money for a homeless shelter, non-profit daycare, or a wellness program for the elderly. I have NO IDEA how fundraise let along pick a topic to raise money for. Usually, someone else plans the fundraising and agreements with companies and I'm the person who gives them my money. Then I missed my third class of the day. I was sitting in the wrong class. I went to my fourth classroom number instead. But I thought I was in the right class. I can't read my schedule on my phone right. I'm an idiot. 

The last day of school for the week has ended. Women Studies and Japan
ese Conversation. WMST in one school and JAPN in another. Good thing they're only 5 minutes apart. Was starving on my way to my second class. So i bought some Mickey D's. Then I bought some tea. It's my favorite! Nestea Green Tea. Yum. :] Nothing going on in Women Studies right now, but I LOVE JAPANESE! I wish i was better at it though :( My japanese class this semester is different from the others. I'm not really learning anything new. Plus, we don't need to know how to write in Japanese in this class. I
t's more about learning the culture and conversational vocab so if I were ever to go to Japan, I wouldn't look like a lost foreigner who can't even get the accent down whenever I spoke Japanese. 

No school tomorrow, but fortunately I am working. I need money!! I hate feeling broke let along being broke. I wish someone just gave me money without me asking for it or working for it. HAHA BUT not being spoiled about it. Though I doubt it would be hard to NOT be spoiled when money is easily given. 

Thank goodness I'm not spoiled. Though I don't know if having a boyfriend counts. Having a boyfriend is the same thing as having money being given to you. My money isn't being spent when I want food. Or gas (sometimes). 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello there.

Enjoy the new banner!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today, Kayla, my cousin Rhia, and I, adventured down to San Diego to MITSUWA! But, after a teeny tiny little mishap... we ended up going to Daiso, Marukai, and Zion instead. This is my haul for the day:

Less than usual, HAHA. But I'm totally using that shopping bag as a new book bag for school ^__^

So, Rocco thought that my bear keychain was a new toy for HIM... sneaky little bugger, he is.

(And yeah, it's gonna get Febreeze'd because Rocco's breath is super rancid.)

After our San Diego adventure, we headed to the movie theater at MCAS Miramar ("the base") to watch Twilight (yet again!) for only 1 dolla! (HECK FREAKIN' YES.) But, before that, we stopped by Mickey D's to ease our grumbly tummies before the show. Big Macs, McDouble, and fries. Mmhmm. We are exceptionally attractive when we're being little fatties.

Oh, good times. Goooood times.

So anyway, Twilight was bomb, for the 500 billionth time watching it, and the extra hoots, woos, and squeals from the tweens and Twilightmoms in the audience were especially enjoyable. Muahah. Hooray for adventures! Boo for going back to school on Tuesday. ;[

Well then, Rocco and I bid thee all adieu.

Goooood night!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last night I read Blue Bloods. The back cover is a little misleading. From reading the book, the summary makes the book sound waay more interesting than it really is.. I must admit that i was being biased throughout reading the book, but i tried to like it. I do like this book, but I don't worship it like Twilight and all those other books. Blue Bloods starts of slow, giving background to characters and setting up the story line. Melissa writes in third person form, but not. It's weird. It's not in any charcter point of view, but she'd focus on a specific character 's point of view and write through that person's perspective. What makes the book a little more confusing is the back and forth on stories. She tells different side stories for each chapter. There's a few side stories that make up the main story, what the book is all about. It was confusing at first. It's a bit hard to get used to, yenno, the switching back and forth of people she's talking about. One chapter will be about an event, revolving around one character, then the next chapter will be about another character in another event. Then the next chapter will be a continuation of the chapter before last. In order to get some resolution, you can't simply just read Blue Bloods. Apparently she made other people for a reason. So now I need to start reading the next book, Masquerade. The story just starts in Blue Bloods. I don't know what to expect in Masquerade. More slowness or finally some drama and action. I'm betting on drama and all the fast-paced stuff since that's how the last books. I should read now. cuz i have no life. HA!

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Forever and forever and forever."

That line got me. I'm surprised i containted myself when I read that. I think it was because I didn't fully understand the extent until i left Rose's house. Yes, we finished the book. Together. It was like we watched a movie together, yet separate. HA! I know, I know, we have no life. ESPECIALLY when we read Breaking Dawn! I was at Rose's house ALL the time! WE were freakin inseparable when it came to read the final book. 
We didn't have slumber parties, we had reading parties. 
HA, like i said, no life. 
(This picture took forever to take! I'm freakin holding over 2,000 pages in my arms!)
All I think about is the books and its characters. I just always think of the undying and unbreakable love Edward and Bella have for each other. Every hopeless romantic wishes to be in a relationship like theirs. If only they were REAL! I'd feel more sane. On the outside, I'm living my reality, but on the inside, I'm living in a fantasy world of vampires and wolves with romance thrown in there! Who does that?! I can not be a sane person to think as if my mind is still reading the book! 
Twilight is a good story to introduce the characters and give an idea as to what each person is capable of doing. I thought New Moon was the slowest book to read. If anyone has read it, they know why. Eclipse starts to pick up about halfway through the book. And Breaking Dawn is just chapter after chapter after CHAPTER of craziness! I must say it was my favorite out of all the books. Does ANYONE know why the cover of New Moon is a flower?! I think I've figured out the reasons for the other covers, but I don't have a solid idea for the second book. 
So what am I to do with my life now? What are WE going to do with our lives now?! Well, I don't know about Rose, but there's another vampire-romance-teen book out there. It's called Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz. I don't know if it's any good, but I will try not to judge the book from my high standards of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga. I'll blog later to give my opinion of the book. So if i think it's good, that means Rose has to read it, too! Then we'd be obsessed all over again!


Stephenie Meyer is a freaking GENIUS.

The Twilight saga has to be THE most incredible work of fiction that I've read, EVER. If only it were REAL! Ohh, someday... okay, okay, I might just be caught up in the moment of having just finished the 4th book, but no other books have managed to captivate me more. Okay, so I'm lying--I'm not just caught up in the moment. I've been absolutely obsessed. I mean, I've always been a sucker (hah!) for romance, but romance with vampires? Hot damn! And not just any old vampire romance--there's just so many breathtaking, touching, and compelling aspects that these books have to offer to their reader. I've never been picky or overly critical about literature, and I'm always immediately sold to the idea of forbidden love, so I had no chance, whatsoever, to escape the grasp that I knew these books would hold on me. Despite the (rather numerous) negative critiques about the books being "poorly written," having "stereotypical characters," containing "unbelievable conflict," and so on and so forth, I really could care less. Stephenie Meyer has utterly captivated my imagination, my heart, my soul! However sick or twisted my mind was before beginning this series, there is no helping me now. I think I'm catching a cold from leaving my window open every night...

They'd better come out with the rest of the movies. FAST. Before I have a heart-attack.

Anyway, I have to figure out what I'm supposed to do for the rest of my life now that we've finished the saga. (Yes, WE. Together, pacing ourselves to end this incredibly frustrating, yet surprising, enchanting, beautiful story together, holding back the tears which threatened to spill over the rims of our eyes. Don't think I didn't notice, Kayla! No matter how blurred my own vision became...). Maybe it's time for me to go raid a Barnes&Noble.

Or perhaps get a life. Oh wait, it is my life now. Right, Kayla!? (Hahaha. No, but seriously.) Ughhh. I can NOT wait for Midnight Sun. Stupid leak. And Twilight needs to come out on DVD already! I'm gonna freaking pull all of my hair out waiting! Simply watching streams of the movie online is just not good enough for me.

So, Kayla, game plan for tomorrow: we're going to the mall. To Hot Topic. For our Team Edward t-shirts...and each piece of Twilight merchandise that we can get our hands on! Do you know they sell Twilight perfume!???!? Hahaha. Freaking deee-licious.

Well, I figure I'll get more sleep, not staying up 'til 5 AM reading anymore...for now, that is. :] Sweet dreams! Sweet, sweet dreams...

Ohhh, someday!