Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today, Kayla, my cousin Rhia, and I, adventured down to San Diego to MITSUWA! But, after a teeny tiny little mishap... we ended up going to Daiso, Marukai, and Zion instead. This is my haul for the day:

Less than usual, HAHA. But I'm totally using that shopping bag as a new book bag for school ^__^

So, Rocco thought that my bear keychain was a new toy for HIM... sneaky little bugger, he is.

(And yeah, it's gonna get Febreeze'd because Rocco's breath is super rancid.)

After our San Diego adventure, we headed to the movie theater at MCAS Miramar ("the base") to watch Twilight (yet again!) for only 1 dolla! (HECK FREAKIN' YES.) But, before that, we stopped by Mickey D's to ease our grumbly tummies before the show. Big Macs, McDouble, and fries. Mmhmm. We are exceptionally attractive when we're being little fatties.

Oh, good times. Goooood times.

So anyway, Twilight was bomb, for the 500 billionth time watching it, and the extra hoots, woos, and squeals from the tweens and Twilightmoms in the audience were especially enjoyable. Muahah. Hooray for adventures! Boo for going back to school on Tuesday. ;[

Well then, Rocco and I bid thee all adieu.

Goooood night!

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  1. TWILIGHT!!! hahahaha

    I like how you put your little pencil on your little bear keychain. Kawaii!