Monday, January 18, 2010

No more GUESS

Wow, is this blog dead or what!

It has been soooo long since Kayla or I have updated this poor thing. Can't blame us really, considering how ridiculously busy we've been! Since fall semester started, it's been crazy hectic... work+school kills me! I don't know how you do manage to do it, Kay! Oy. I obviously can't, hahaha. Well I suppose it's do-able, but I'd just rather not have to deal with all of the added stress I was given because of it. Which is why... I QUIT! Spring semester starts in just a few more days... and without having to worry about work, I'll definitely be feeling much more at ease. The experience was good, and the extra money was reaaaal good, especially with holiday pay hahaha. I know I'll be missing that, for sure! Maybe I'll come back next holiday season... maybe.

Anyway, earlier I had gone to pick up my last paycheck at work... and was convinced into using my 40% off employee discount for the last time to buy a few items. I'm really, REALLY bad at resisting the temptation to buy clothes! It's a REALLY bad habit of mine. Even after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic, I'm still as bad as ever hahaha. After every splurge I always think, "I'm never buying clothes for myself ever, ever again!!!" But I know I'm only fooling myself. Maybe I really do need therapy for this! Why do clothes have to be so gosh darn CUTE?? I even convince myself into buying some really weird styles sometimes... which I think was the case for me this time around. It looked attractive to me on the hanger, at least! Well, what can ya do...

I bought 4 things today. Even with my discount, I killed my wallet! $$$$$$$$$$$ X____X

1. Black, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved sweater with embellished jewels/gold detailing
2. Destroyed, white skinny fashion denim jeans, also with embellished jewels/gold detailing (I've been wanting white jeans for a longggg time now, finally got some! But they're starting to remind me of Hannah Montana... maybe that's why I bought them. Haha!)
3. White, spaghetti-strapped, button-down babydoll top
4. Black/gray "newspaper print" leggings (This is my WTF purchase lol. Yet it still attracts me somehow...)

Have a looksie!:

The babydoll probably isn't the best shirt to pair with those leggings, but for the purpose of showing what I got, it's fine. Haha. I kind of want to punch myself in the face for buying more clothes, AGAIN, but I'm pretty satisfied... considering the fact that I can no longer get that discount now. SAD FACE. I'm more happy than sad when I get new things though, so it's fiiineeee. At least that's what I'll continue to tell myself so that I'll feel better about spending so much. Hahaha.

It's kind of a bittersweet feeling, quitting my job. I always dreaded going to work, but I know I'll miss it eventually. It was a good experience for me despite all of the stress, and it was also a good feeling knowing that I could spend the money that I earned on my own. Now I can't splurge as bad anymore T___T

On another note, I can't decide whether I should get my haircut or grow it out. I miss my short bangs and layers, but I've also been wanting to grow my hair long, to stop right at my hips. Ahhh decisions, decisions! I've also gotta re-dye my roots. So much to do! And so much more money to spend when I don't have a job anymore! Darnnnnit! Well, we'll see.

Bangs are much too long...

...and my black roots are annoyingly noticeable!

And I should probably throw out my trash tomorrow morning. Hahaha.

Well that was a much needed update! I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season/vacation! Mine was okay, really quiet, nothing too spectacular, I worked a lot, ate a lot, and it seemed to speed by much too quickly. I really wish I had at least 2 more weeks of vacation. But life hates me hahaha (but really, I think it does). Anyway, with school starting back up again next week (this week actually...), let's just see how long it takes before I can update again. Maybe never! But I'm hoping sometime soon. :)

Thanks for reading! (If anyone still reads this lol!)