Monday, January 5, 2009

"Forever and forever and forever."

That line got me. I'm surprised i containted myself when I read that. I think it was because I didn't fully understand the extent until i left Rose's house. Yes, we finished the book. Together. It was like we watched a movie together, yet separate. HA! I know, I know, we have no life. ESPECIALLY when we read Breaking Dawn! I was at Rose's house ALL the time! WE were freakin inseparable when it came to read the final book. 
We didn't have slumber parties, we had reading parties. 
HA, like i said, no life. 
(This picture took forever to take! I'm freakin holding over 2,000 pages in my arms!)
All I think about is the books and its characters. I just always think of the undying and unbreakable love Edward and Bella have for each other. Every hopeless romantic wishes to be in a relationship like theirs. If only they were REAL! I'd feel more sane. On the outside, I'm living my reality, but on the inside, I'm living in a fantasy world of vampires and wolves with romance thrown in there! Who does that?! I can not be a sane person to think as if my mind is still reading the book! 
Twilight is a good story to introduce the characters and give an idea as to what each person is capable of doing. I thought New Moon was the slowest book to read. If anyone has read it, they know why. Eclipse starts to pick up about halfway through the book. And Breaking Dawn is just chapter after chapter after CHAPTER of craziness! I must say it was my favorite out of all the books. Does ANYONE know why the cover of New Moon is a flower?! I think I've figured out the reasons for the other covers, but I don't have a solid idea for the second book. 
So what am I to do with my life now? What are WE going to do with our lives now?! Well, I don't know about Rose, but there's another vampire-romance-teen book out there. It's called Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz. I don't know if it's any good, but I will try not to judge the book from my high standards of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga. I'll blog later to give my opinion of the book. So if i think it's good, that means Rose has to read it, too! Then we'd be obsessed all over again!

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  1. I'm scared to start another vamp romance novel... freaking no comparison! Ugh. I'm still not over the fact that we're finished. :[ What to do, what to do!