Thursday, January 22, 2009

The first week of school.

I don't know whether to panic or not. This is the first semester that I've taken the max of units: 18. Half of my classes don't have exams, a midterm, or a final. My grade is solely based on participation, a few papers, and a presentation or two. I've never had a class like that before. So I have no idea how my grade will be. So this is how upper division is like. I'm not sure whether to embrace it or freak out! I mean, I was never a good test taker, but idk. We'll see. 

So I don't know what to make of this week. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be the easy days and Mondays and Wednesdays will be my long days. Four classes back to back. Yeah, that was real smart of me. Ugh. My first day of classes on Wed. started bad! My first class of that freaked me out! Like I said earlier, not test, no midterm, no final. BUT I have to get in a group and create this pretend thing to raise real money and present it to the class. So the class is pretty much planning that, centered on a reason. For example, raise money for a homeless shelter, non-profit daycare, or a wellness program for the elderly. I have NO IDEA how fundraise let along pick a topic to raise money for. Usually, someone else plans the fundraising and agreements with companies and I'm the person who gives them my money. Then I missed my third class of the day. I was sitting in the wrong class. I went to my fourth classroom number instead. But I thought I was in the right class. I can't read my schedule on my phone right. I'm an idiot. 

The last day of school for the week has ended. Women Studies and Japan
ese Conversation. WMST in one school and JAPN in another. Good thing they're only 5 minutes apart. Was starving on my way to my second class. So i bought some Mickey D's. Then I bought some tea. It's my favorite! Nestea Green Tea. Yum. :] Nothing going on in Women Studies right now, but I LOVE JAPANESE! I wish i was better at it though :( My japanese class this semester is different from the others. I'm not really learning anything new. Plus, we don't need to know how to write in Japanese in this class. I
t's more about learning the culture and conversational vocab so if I were ever to go to Japan, I wouldn't look like a lost foreigner who can't even get the accent down whenever I spoke Japanese. 

No school tomorrow, but fortunately I am working. I need money!! I hate feeling broke let along being broke. I wish someone just gave me money without me asking for it or working for it. HAHA BUT not being spoiled about it. Though I doubt it would be hard to NOT be spoiled when money is easily given. 

Thank goodness I'm not spoiled. Though I don't know if having a boyfriend counts. Having a boyfriend is the same thing as having money being given to you. My money isn't being spent when I want food. Or gas (sometimes). 


  1. I still have one more day to go :[. But I think you'll be fine! We're gonna gain like 20 pounds this semester hahaha <3

  2. OH YEAH i forgot to add that you make that green tea look absolutely delicious ehehehe ;]