Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's like Twilight all over again!

This is a Rose and Kay collabo of a blog!

So! As usual, we are together on a Saturday night. Eating. As usual, we went to Mitsuwa and bought our Japanese foods! On Tuesday we get to bring in our bento boxes in nihongo class to share (or NOT...), so we went scourging around for some ingredients. Afterwards, we went to the base to watch Seven Pounds starring Will Smith. One word: AWESOME. Seriously though! We can't really describe what it's about because saying anything about it would already give too much away, so you just have to go and watch for yourself!

Watch the TRAILER!

So go watch it now!! :] Greatest movie we've seen in 2009 so far? We think HECK YESSSS.

After the movie we were craving some boba. mmmmmmm! Tapioca Express on Convoy! Rose got a Vanilla Chai Milk Tea with ice cream and Kay got a Thai tea.

On our way home we were thinking of the best movies that made us cry. But then we started thinking about all the things that make us cry, so we compiled a movie/show/song list. Here's our Top 10:

10. Finding Nemo (The love of family...of course you'd cry!)
9. Crash (there's so much going on!)
8. The Prince of Egypt (You will when youuu belieeeeveeee)
7. Windstruck (Crahahaaazy ending!)
6. Because I'm a Girl by Kiss (EYES!)
5. Hana Yori Dango (Cuz Kay had a huge crush on Domyouji! So Rose had to watch it too!)
4. A Walk to Remember (Oh, the things he does for her!)
3. 1 Litre of Tears (Because Rose hella cried watching it in the language lab and got Kayla to watch it, too!)
2. Seven Pounds (AWESOME, hello!)
1. Twilight saga!!!! (DUH! We can't NOT have this as #1 on the list!<3)

Ah, so great! Anyway, right now we're hangin out in Rose's room munchin on some cheezy chex mix. Cuz we're fat like that. And we have nothin better to do with ourselves! ;[ But it is getting pretty late, and in Rose's mom's words: "Go to sleep. Kayla, it's already almost 12 o'clock, just sleep here now. Good niiiiiiiggghht" -__- Ahah.

(Yeah, we went a little picture crazy. :D)


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