Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not-so-mini haul.

Why, Guess, WHY!? This isn't good... spending so much. :( But at least I didn't have to pay full price for all these goodies! I feel like I've been working like a madwoman, but I have no prior experience to compare to so maybe it's not so bad. Honestly, it isn't so bad working there... I'd say I'm pretty lucky to have been able to snag this job. And I obviously NEED to work now, after this shopping spree... T_T. Haha, alright, I've been lagging a bit with this, so here we go (and don't mind my ridiculous poses and/or facial expressions... I have way too much fun by myself -_-):

1. White V-neck tee with GUESS blingin' across the chest, of course. Haha. Gotta represent, sonnn! The downside to this shirt is that those sequin things which are the makeup of the letters are basically like stickers, so they can (and will probably) end up falling off. But I liked how simple the style of this shirt is, and how it's a V-neck, so I just couldn't resist getting it!
2. Cream colored jersey sweater! I loveeee sweaters with hoodies, and I loveee 3/4 sleeves. :) The thought of a 3/4 sweater sounds a bit silly just because sweaters are supposed to keep you warm, but what about the rest of your arms? However, it sounds about right for the weather here, haha.
3. The bermuda skirt that Kayla also bought! You know what they say, great minds think alike! Rofl. Mine is in a black and white checkered pattern, as you can see. This pattern is so cute, and I love how it's got pockets to store my trinkets in... hehe.
4. Belted shorts in the same checkered pattern as the skirt, but this time in black and gray. Love love love 'em, and the material's so soft and comfy! But, dry clean only. >;(
5. Haha, okay I had to start taking the rest in my full-length mirror so you guys could see my bottoms. But here I have on a red plaid button-down shirt, which I absolutely adore. Lately I've been gravitating toward the color red, which is strange because I never really liked wearing red before. But I like the deeeep red, or darker reds, not the bright red-orange kinds of reds.
I also have on these adorable black leggings that are detailed with gold Guess buttons on the sides. I like these because they're thicker material than the other leggings I own, they stretch out a lot better and are more comfortable to wear, and the gold buttons add a nice little pinch of cuteness. :)
6. Ok, so I've been dying to have a pair of these "boyfriend" cut destroyed/worn/ripped denim jeans for forever! I've tried a pair at American Eagle Outfitters once and they fit so HUGE. They sell two other types of jeans at our store in this style, but they're made for tall tall tallllll tallllllller women. Which I am definitely not at 5'0". Hahaha. So when I found these cropped destroyed denims hiding in the transition section between the YC rooms 1 and 2 (is that how you say it? rofl), I just about died. They looked so cute, I HAD to have them! Aside from the fact that I have to roll them up 3 times and then scrunch them up my thighs so that the rip stays on my knee like it's supposed to, I LOVE these jeans. :))))))) They're a bit baggy and I have to fix/adjust them from time to time, but it's so worth it (especially for the price!). Inspired by some of the outfits I found in my Japanese fashion magazines, I shall wear them with heels. Hopefully my legs look longer that way!
7. So... these jeans are supposed to be cropped, right? Well when I roll them all the way down, they fit me like normal length pants. @__@! Curse my height! But I guess the plus side to this would be that I just found me a nice pair of double-function jeans lol =D. Woo! And I love this teal tee. Because it's a V-neck! And when I was stuck having to fold a heap of them from new shipment, I decided I had to buy one because I thought the design on it was so pretty! (and a lot better looking than some of the other shirts we have haha).
8. Blang blang flip flops! Hahah. I've been wanting some silver sandals for quite some time now, and these were cute, so I figured what the hey! These are size 6's so they're a tad long in the back for me. I usually wear a 5.5, but we don't carry half sizes at our store. :( It's okay though, because my feet are wide as hell, so they fit width-wise. :) AND ALSO! My new beautiful watch :)))). I love this watch, I love the black against the silver! And I know you probably can't tell from the picture but it's got a spec of bling at the top with a G and no numbers. (It's a G by Guess watch, btw.) It's super simple, but I loveeee. And I'm so happy that I now have a watch to look at the time so that I can stop missing my breaks! Hahaha. Seriously though. ;(

And finally...

Red muffler scarf! I've always wanted one of these, too. I'm surprised that Guess even sold them! Ohhh red. We'll see how long my attraction to the color will last...

Alright! So I'm not allowed to go shopping ever again. ESPECIALLY after Kayla's and my trip to Convoy earlier today! T___T Haha one blog update down, one more to go. I'll be backkk! Beach pictures and our "convoy haul" will be up soon. :)

- R0SE


  1. i like number 1 and 3 the most. i especially like the keyboard, now find a cat to play it.

  2. hahaha I like your title. that sweater is so cute on you! I want one now!! I'll get the gray one. I only buy v-necks at Guess!! cuz they're pretty nice right?! and that scarf and color is so not you but you pull it off!! Get used to spending your paychecks at Guess LOL

  3. i've been looking for the perfect bd shirt with that same pattern on your scarf. quintessential autumn check design.

    dope new layout by the way.

  4. > aww youtube's keyboard cat hahaha. maybe i can get my chihuahua to try it.

    > ahhh kayla i don't know what it is about the color red lately! it's just so eye-catching, the color pops out to me and makes me wanna buy whatever it is. maybe because it's the color of blood. and blood = vampires = edward cullen = hot. HAHA. but you're right, the scarf isn't really my style... i feel like a hip-hop dancer poser or something lol! anyway, you should totally get that sweater in gray. i usually don't like wearing those types of thicker knit sweaters because i feel like they cling too much, but this one's really comfy!

    > i'm in loveee with those checkered/plaid designs! they're most def. a back-to-school must have. oh and glad you like the layout! took me like 4+ hours to figure out how to do it hahaha