Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mini haul.

I say mini becaaaaause I only bought three items.

I LOVE where I work. I just don't like working hahhaa but that's everyone. Right?? So half a month ago I got to help do the new floor set for my work which meant I got to see all the new products we got in for Fall. I immediately fell in love with a lot of our merchandise BUT my broke ass can't afford it all :( But I bought my favorites :D

I don't know exactly what to call this but let's call it a sweater dress ($44.99). When I first saw it, hung, i thought it was a sweater vest but when I wore it, it clearly was longer than a vest haha. I put a random tank on so my outfit here isn't that cute. It'd be better if I had a dark long sleeve or I should've worn a brown tee.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt! From the first time I opened the box filled with these skirts to trying it on, I just about died! It's too cute! This one's a deep purple, but there's also a black skirt and a black and white checkered skirt. Guess calls these bermuda skirts($39.99). These are to be work right above the hips. It looked kinda funny at my waist. BTW the shirt is from Pac Sun. I was already wearing it so didn't feel like trying to find a better shirt. Turns out the two actually looks good together.
Guess has jumped on the band wagon! These are more of a Forever 21 feel to me. Usually I see this in red, but the turquoise is uber cute haha! This is elbow-sleeve plaid($39.99). It's more fitted than the normal ones everyone wears, which is Guess's signature style. I'd wear this with some jeans. FYI I'm wearing khaki shorts in the pic LOL don't copy THAT, I was lazy to change.

soon to come: ROSE's HAUL lmao


  1. LOL omg you're tooo cuteeee! sorrrrryyyy guess model! :D those are all the best things in the store right now in my opinion. but i already have a plaid shirt kinda like that so i restrained myself from buying that particular one... and you look so good in that sweater dress! a lot of the clothes in the store are too big for me (length wise) hahaha because i'm so short so they end up looking funny! and i was scared of how scrunchy-yet-clingy that sweater would be on me. but you pull it off, girl! and i adoreee that skirt on you too! your legs look AWESOME! ahhhh. cuuute cute cute. :)

  2. that sweater was kinda tight when i first put it on!!! the buttons area is all stretched out but you can't tell cuz of the bow LMAO

  3. thanks for the following :) am loving your blog so far! also an anime/manga fan :)!