Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Kicks.

If you want the best deals on heels, boots, sandals, shoes in general, I strongly recommend going to Ross. You're probably thinking, "ew, it's probably worn, torn and ugly." True, they do have some of those, but majority of the shoes are in new condition. I came back from Ross literally 30 minutes ago and the heels I bought are in fantastic condition. No sratches, not stretched out, and the bottoms aren't even dirty! I think they got 'em in today or something! Check these babies out:

I used a poster as a background cuz you couldn't see the color and heel HAHAHA

I was looking for some strappy heels, but I ended up getting calf-high boots and some mocasins with a heel! how awesome are those?! I went all giddy when I found the heeled mocasins! It's rare to see them and I feel lucky to stumble on a pair. I was about to give up too, but just at the end, the tassel caught my eye hahah. The boots are $19.99 and the mocasins are $14.99. The only downside to these two are that the brands I've never heard of (SBICCA & BC) so I don't know if they're durable. Don't worry you Ross virgins, there's Steve Madden, Guess, and Nine West to name a few.

I've bought booties at Ross before too and I'm just as satisfied:

Whoo! New shoes for school!! :D



  1. I promise I don't keep up with women's fashion, but I do know that wedge heels are in for the fall. How do I know this? Good Morning NBC

    Great finds (and at a great price too).

  2. cute cute CUTE! ross is fantastic. i'm seriously loving those moccasin heels, i've never seen those before! btw, you looked super cute at work today :) i'm gonna die in my dressy clothes and heels at work this weekend! whyyy. omg, i think i spent my whole freakin' paycheck shopping at our store today... ugh. i feel all happy and sad at the same time. rofl.