Friday, December 26, 2008


Hello again! Let's talk about Christmas. :]

So, my sisters, cousin, Jordan and I had made our very first gingerbread house ever! The kit was from Trader Joe's. LOVE that place! But anyway, we added M&M's, lifesavers, candy cane, Nerds, and sprinkles for a little extra decoration, since the kit only came with a few decorations. My sister made the christmas tree star by cutting and shaping a yellow starburst, haha. It was fun.

We usually celebrate more on Christmas eve rather than Christmas day, but the Mendoza's went up to visit Jose's side of the family this year, so it wasn't as exciting as it usually is. But they did come to visit before they left! I loveee love love Jordan. He's SOO cute!

I spent the rest of Christmas Eve finishing wrapping presents. It seriously takes me FOREVER to wrap presents! Such a chore. Haha. I was debating whether I should just opt for putting them all in gift bags or just not wrapping the boxes at all, but I didn't want to be lame. When I was done, I hung out with my mom until 12, then wished her Merry Christmas, wished everyone else in the house Merry Christmas (even though they were sleeping), snuck Rocco up into my room, and went to sleep. In the morning, some of my mom's family from Vegas were sprawled around the living room, sleeping. We then had church to go to, despite the pouring rain. After church, I helped a little with the cooking (...not a pretty sight). We waited for my sister, Jose, and Jordan, and family from my dad's side in Mira Mesa to get to the house. When everyone had come, we began the feast. Ohh, the food was divine! I love to eat. Eat eat eat!

The rest of Christmas was spent watching basketball, eating, talking, eating, watching tv, eating, opening presents, and eating. Always good times with family. Here are some more pictures.

Well, I hope you all had a good Christmas! Take care, everyone.

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