Friday, December 26, 2008


Hello helloooo.

So this is my first blog! How exciting for me. Haha. I decided to play around a teeny bit with the layout settings and all of that other interesting stuff on here (hope you don't mind, Kay :]). Once I've got the time, I'll see if I can figure out this layout business. But most likely, I probably won't have the time. Or I'll end up being too lazy. Or give up because it'll be too complicated for me :[. Well, we'll see. So anyway, Christmas was yesterday! It was nice, really, to have family over from both my mom and dad's sides.

Rocco wore his cute little red sweater for a little bit, but then he managed to get pee on it somehow (no surprise there) so he had to be sweater-less for the rest of Christmas. Haha but that's okay. It was cute while it lasted!

But I'll get to doing a full-blown blog of Christmas with more pictures when it's not 3 in the morning. I just wanted to tell you, Kayla, that I got Roger to watch TWILIGHT! WOOOOO. Well, we only got to watch some of it because of the picture-taking and the present-opening and the stomach-stuffing and all of the other Christmas nonsense that had to be done... hahaha. But MAN. All that was missing was you. Hmm I think it's time for a reunion :D

Gosh, I really should get some sleep now. Did you know that lack of sleep actually cuts your life span shorter? My sister mentioned that earlier today (er, yesterday I suppose). But I never sleep enough. I am absolutely notorious for staying up late. Oh, and falling asleep with my contacts in my eyes... which I certainly will try my hardest NOT to do anymore, after hearing the story about LT's client's friend who was going to become a surgeon but then fell asleep with his contacts left in his eyes and ended up getting an eye infection, so he couldn't become a surgeon anymore for some reason. Perhaps his vision had become seriously impaired because of the infection? I don't know, LT didn't really get all of the details. But sheeeeesh. Now I am deathly afraid of falling asleep with contacts in my eyes. But it'll probably still happen all the time because I am one laaazy bum, haha. Ugh. Which reminds me, I have to clean out all the junk under my bed! I currently sleep on a twin size bed that has those drawers/cabinets under it to store all of the stuff that I really don't need but keep anyway because I think about potentially needing it in the future but never ever ever do so it just piles up until it's a big heap of all of this unneccessary clutter! But, my mom had gotten me a full size bed for x-mas! Hahaha I accidentally typed "x-man" at first. That reminds me, they're finally gonna show Gambit in that new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie that's coming out! FINALLY! He's cool and throws charged up cards at you and beats people with a stick. :] Ok where am I going with this? Anyway! They'll be hauling my newwww bed in between 10 and 12 tomorrow and I'm suuuper excited. Except for the having to sort out all the junk under my bed part. Gosh, I'm gonna be one of those teachers with piles and piles of books and papers and displays and models and trinkets from 10 years ago packed into every possible nook and cranny of the classroom. Well, I can be organized when I want to be. I'm just too much of a lazy bum to want to be organized. Does that make sense? Ahhhhh. Okay, yes, sleep, now.

Until next time. Good night!

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  1. haha you're all worried about things now. but i doubt youre gonna do something about it =P