Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midnight showing.

WHOO FOR HARRY POTTER MOVIES! Love em. Never read the books though HAHAHA
[rose, insert pic here, hahahaha]


.......and WHOO for slumber parties and ULTA and Sprouts and eating until we can't breathe! LOL. Btw, it's Rose here, for the insertion of pictures and to talk more hahaha ;D. It's been a whiiiiiiiile since we've blogged about anything! My bad. But Kayla has an excuse 'cause she's been in the Philippines! As for me... I think we all know by now that I'm just a lazy bum!

Okay so here we are in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start. The flash on my camera was super bright rofl

Check out the creeper in the back in the last pic hahaha. OH YEAH! My hair is black again. And Kayla's hair is cut so cuuuuttteeee! =D

Okay so, there were a tonnnn of people at the midnight showing of HPHBP. Luckily we got there 2 hours early to get good seats! Except for the fact that we had to move down a seat, which ruined our perfect, precise, center seating ;[ but it's alllllll good. We brought our own snacks because movie snack prices are ridiculous! Home-made caramel popcorn pretzel nut chex mix, choco chip cookies, circus animal cookies, cheddar jack cheez-its, fruit snacks, sour patch kids, choco covered cookie dough, am I missing anything? Hahah, I think that was it. But it lasted us throughout the 2 hour and a half or so movie! Maybe because we were eating super slow and trying to stay quiet because it seemed as though we were the only ones eating anything... I didn't hear/notice any other food-chomping mouths during the quieter scenes. Okay, so maybe Kayla and I are just a couple of pigs, but whatevs!

So we saw a good amount of people (tweenies and high school kids mostly, maybe some even our age... or even older??) dressed up in Hogwarts uniforms (ties, skirts, scarves, robes, etc.). There was a guy in front of us wearing a HP shirt and on the back it said "Mischief Managed" teehehe. But I didn't get a good look at the front of his shirt (did you, Kayla??). Anyway... I'm sooo tempted to go to Hot Topic to buy a HP shirt! Ahhhh. I wish I had pictures of these people to post on here! But... that'd probably be a little creepy... hahaha.

Oh, there was this group of kids that was SUPER obnoxious. Just loud, and rude, and annoying...and loud. Haha, and there was this guy dressed up as I don't know whooooo. Actually, now that I think about it... Kayla, I think he was supposed to be dressed as Dobby! Or some other house elf. 'Cause he was in a toga looking thing, and in the dark it looked like he had wings on the sides of his head but those were probably supposed to be ears. Hahaha, gosh, duh! But when I saw it I was thinking, "Why is he dressed like he's going to a toga party?" Rofl. Oh me, oh my. But why Dobby for HPHBP? Guess I should have read the book first... maybe he was in it? Oh wells.

Anyway, the movie was incredible! Of course, I haven't caught up on my reading, so I only have the movie to go by. Maybe I'll start back up on my reading tonight... maybe. =)

Alright, so after the movie we just went back to my house. We stayed up a bit watching TV but both Kayla and I were dead tired so we pretty much knocked out for the rest of the morning lol. We woke up at around 10:30... got out of bed by 11 ish I think? Hahaha we were chilling for a while just watching TV. But we ended up getting ready to go shop at ULTA! (make-up store). Spent more than we really should have (at least, I feel like I did hahaha), then we checked out Fashion 5 and Styles 4 Less (the boutiques in the same shopping center). Thankfully for my and Kayla's bank account, we bought nothing else. We made a quick grocery stop at Sprouts (a farmer's market in the same shopping center) because it was absolutely IMPERATIVE for me to get some gelato, chips, hummus and pita bread =D. Then, we went back to my house, ate forever, had food comas, watched some Disney channel, and then Kayla had to leave me ='(. Hahaha but good times together, yes? =P

Next adventure: CONVOY! =DDDD

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  1. WTF?! i posted a comment and it went away :(

    so now i see how that guy would be Dobby! Maaan, there were times where I wanted to beat him up cuz he was annoying