Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh my holy baby Jesus!

Thank goodness, this dreadful week is over, and my spring break can finally commence! Not that it'll be much of a break--I have midterms, exams, papers, and projects that I need to prepare for and/or complete for the week after break, and I'll also be applying for a scholarship that's due on April 10th, I believe. But I shan't think of such atrocious things, at least not right at this moment. Relaxation time! Too bad Kayla's spring break doesn't start until the week after mine. ;( Suuuuper lame.

Alright, so I know how long it's been, but school has been keeping me extreeeemely busy. ...In part. I think it has to do more with the fact that I'm just incredibly lazy, and have a knack for wasting tons of time. My schedule doesn't necessarily help my situation, either. I absolutely DETEST night classes! But alas, it must be done. Next semester, peace out, Palomar! Not that I'll be going very far at all, haha. But it's about time, eh? Unless Kayla and I will be taking JAPN202 next semester? We'll just have to see, I suppose!

Ahhh, Japanese class! The pace of the class is a little slow, but it's understandable considering the fact that some students were virgins to the Japanese language. >;-D Muaha. It's alright though, because I am not at ALL as good at Japanese as I should be at my level. This course is a great refesher and I think that I, personally, am learning quite a bit of new material--especially in learning how to speak more casually. Plus, I get to see Kayla more! <3. And we also get to do some pretty interesting activities, like making bento, singing karaoke (in class ahah), eating at restaurants, and going on field trips! And it's always nice to make new friends, too, I suppose. Haha. Here are some pictures from our "class" trip to Kansha in Escondido, which is a Korean/Japanese restaurant. I had the fish katsu, and Kayla had the tenpura. Afterward, we were craving some boba, so Kayla and I went to the Bubble Tea in San Marcos. We also had some smores on the side when we got back to my house, haha. Random combo, but still deeeelish.

Kaylaちゃんはとってもかわいいですよ!てんぷらはおいしそうですね! Alright, what's next... ah! So the next interesting occasion was when we had a few Japanese (exchange?) students visit our class. A bunch of us, including some students from other Japanese classes, went to Applebee's for dinner after our class. They took forever to bring our food out (like an hour and a half wait!?), but there was good company and conversation during the wait. Atsumi, Uki, and Shizuri are sooo cute, ne Kaylachan?? Hahaha. (By the way, I totally stole some pics from Xandra and Uki muahah!)

And our most recent venture was the field trip to Mitsuwa, where we had to complete a packet by doing this sort of scavenger hunt around the store for some pretty random things, lol. We searched for books on sale, we had to figure out whether the japanese sweet potato was a vegetable or a fruit, we had to find what type of product was pictured and say if it looked delicious... as a few examples haha. It was pretty interesting, but frustrating when we didn't know what the heck we were looking for, or when we couldn't remember what some kanji meant (guh!), but overall, it was a fun experience. Afterward, Kayla and I did our usual snack run, because appaerently our most favorite thing to do when we're with each other is EAT hahaha. But after shopping, we went to eat at ChopstixToo with Ukichan and Jade (from our class) and Eric and Edris (sp?) (from a JAPN102 class). We took some pics before we split (actually, Jade had already left, but then this dude takes his place for the picture, haha. I guess Eric and Edris know him, and possibly Uki does too, but I sure don't! Not even his name haha. But we weren't really introduced or anything, so I don't feel as bad, ahah).

So after we split, Kayla and I stopped by Marukai real quick! We pulled into the parking lot, and saw Tachibanasensei just leaving in her car (when she said she was going home already even before we went to ChopstixToo). Ahah. Secret rendez-vous at Marukai, eh sensei!!?! Lol, but anyway, I bought some to-go bentos to bring home for my siblings, and Kayla bought these vanilla ice cream cone things that tasted like cool whip! But they were light and pretty darn delicious. AND HUGE!

Kayla, why are we always eating all the time!? Hahaha seriously, it seems like with every set of pictures we take, we're either eating out or snacking on something. Good thing we can be workout buddies now, too!

Okay, so one last event to talk about, which I deem as the most important of all (ROFL): TWILIGHT DVD MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY! Ksdjfoijskldf!!! Alright so, earlier today (er, yesterday I suppose), Kayla and I discuss the different, possible places we could get our Twilight copies, as well as the many "Twilight DVD release parties" going on: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Borders, Hot Topic, Target. Initially we planned to buy ours at Target, because I guess they're the only place selling the 3-disc special edition! But they weren't gonna be open for a midnight release, so Kayla finds out that Borders is also selling an exclusive edition, AND is having a Twilight DVD release party in which we would be able to get dibs on our copies (first come, first serve kinda thing) if we showed up at 9:30. So, Kayla picked me up around 7 ish to 8?, and we were trying to figure out where to go because we thought that the Borders at El Camino mall would be doing the release party. We called, found out they weren't doing it, and had to change our route to the actual Borders store in Carlsbad. Before going there, however, we mosied on up to the mall anyway to check out Hot Topic's Twilight merchandise =D. Around late 8 to 9, we left the mall and headed to Borders. Good thing we got there early, because there were hellllllla kids! Lotsa little tweenies, some teens, some Twilight moms (!??!!! "Carlilse woooo!" hahaha), and some dads that probably didn't really wanna be there (or... did they? Muahah). Felt SO out of place. All we really wanted was our stinkin' copy of the DVD, dangit! Ahah. But anyway, during this "party," from 9:30 to 12:01 (when they are officially allowed to start selling the dvd), they had some of the main workers asking Twilight trivia, giving out free merchandise and candy, and we got to see the movie's deleted scenes. They did some other activities too, but Kayla and I got hungry so we went to the little cafe and got some drinks and sweets. Oh yeah, we had to fill out this survey thing and turn in a ticket for a drawing where people would get the chance to win free stuff. And uh, yeah... I won. LOL. I don't really know how, but apparently I got the first place win because of the answer I wrote for my "favorite part of the movie" question on the survey sheet (which I will not say. They already read the answer out in front of the super Twilight tweeny fanatics and they probably all hate me for being old and taking their chances at winning something hahaha). But it was kind of cute. I couldn't decide between the Twilight 2009/10 calendar and the Edward action figure (hahaha), so I asked the "audience" which one I should take. They did that voting thing where each item gets held up and the one that gets the loudest screams is the one I should take. Guess which one they chose! Hahahaha man oh man. Even if it was kind of weird, and although it felt like we were stuck in this middle school club event type of atmosphere, we finally got what we were waiting sooo so long for. WOO! うれしかったよ!Here are some pics:

Kayla had gotten a delicious slice of carrot cake and some Tazo Peach Green tea.

I had an iced Tazo Chai tea latte and a snickerdoodle (not pictured).

Suuuuper dorks! =D Team Edward/Vampires t-shirts... and Team Edward pins (which are not pictured). And of course the DVD! Ahahah.

Oh yeah, the crowd chose the Edward action figure. Muahah. What the heck am I gonna do with that!? .........

WOOHOO TWILIGHT!!! Original price $39.99 but we got 10 dollars off sonnn!

Ah, good times. =)

Oh man, I feel like I just wrote a term paper or something. I take forever to blog! Actually, it takes me forever to do anything. But I did have a lot of pictures to post and lots to catch up on. Whoever reads through all of this--kudos to you, haha. Except for Kayla, because she has to! XD

But seriously Kayla, thank you so so much for everything. For being there to hang out with and talk to, and providing me with opportunities to get out of my house once in a while! Even if it's just to a bookstore for a dvd release party with tweens ahahaha. You really have helped in keeping me sane throughout everything I've been struggling with recently, and I just really appreciate it. It's hard when I'm alone, and everyone is busy (including myself), and there are just those times when I can't help but think about what might happen, about what I should do. I know I'm stubborn, and I probably need to grow up... but either way, I'm all smiles with you around, and you help keep my mind occupied so I don't end up being lonely and sadddsss haha. So I'm glad that you're here! Arigatou......... to, kimi ni iwareru to, nandaka setsunai! LOL. No seriously, thank you. I love you, giiiirrrrrl. LIKE TWILIGHT LOVE. Rofllll.

Ok I am SO out for the night (er, morning). I don't know when I'll blog again, but I'm sure the length of this one will be enough to last a whileeee hahaha.



  1. hell yeah to twilight, smores, japanese stores, and ice cream!!!

  2. Hey guess what...i watched twilight, thought you might be proud of me lol. and guess what too....I liked it. hahaha. yep i did. ;) ICE CREAMM!!!! om nom nom.


    i have twilight on blu-ray lol. X__X